What Socially Intelligent People Consistently Do?

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I read an interesting article titled 5 Things Socially Intelligent People Consistently Do written by Michael Thompson.

Here’s a quick summary of the article.

My mom got it dead right, “Nothing compounds faster than kindness.”

Socially intelligent people:

  1. Share their network. When someone is explaining a problem, introduce the people in their network who have faced the similar situation.
  2. Withhold judgment. Whether it's someone holding the door, sharing the elevator, or serving them coffee, they acknowledge them and show them respect. Put down your phone and lift up your head. Make a smile and say hello to each person you pass. Most people today are so busy worrying about themselves & they failed to realize that the secret to happiness is standing in front of them.
  3. Listen more than speak. Give the person they're speaking with the full presence. They ask questions that bring out the best in others.
  4. Consider every interaction as a learning opportunity. Meeting new people means new perspective, thoughts, and feelings. Continuously learning.
  5. Give for the sake of giving. When they have the opportunity to do nice things for someone, they don't hesitate & don't think about potential ways they can benefit from it.