Johari Window

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To explain it simply, Johari Window is a diagram showing relationships between a person and others.

Below is the Johari Window.


As you can see, the diagram is divided into four areas:

  • Arena
    Describes all things that both parties know
  • Blind
    Describes all things that others know something that you are not aware of
  • Hidden
    Describes all things that only you know. Probably those things are private and you don’t want to disclose them to public
  • Unknown
    Describes all things that others don’t know and you are not aware of

Interestingly, we could enlarge the Arena quadrant by doing the followings.

  • Decrease the Blind Area
    We need to request for feedbacks from others
  • Decrease the Unknown Area
    We need to share our discoveries to others
  • Decrease the Hidden Area
    We need to choose whether we want to disclose certain information to public (self-disclosure)
  • From Unknown to Hidden
    We need to discover all the hidden aspects within ourselves (self-discovery)