Do Not Judge People For Being Lazy

1 minute read


Taking a break is sometimes considered as lazy behaviour by our today’s society.

The point is don’t simply judge people for being lazy. Let’s take a look at several differences (simplified) between laziness and exhaustion.


  • Have the energy to get something done if they want to
  • Lack of discipline to do something that requires great effort
  • Solution: take action


  • Lack of energy to get something done
  • Have the discipline to do something even though it requires great effort
  • Solution: take a break

However, people in each category sometimes misinterpret the solution. Lazy people sometimes just lazy to do anything and fool themselves by presuming that they need a break (which is the solution for exhausted people). The problem is that this only prolongs their laziness.

On the other hand, exhausted people sometimes feel guilty that they don’t be productive and spend their time doing meaningless stuffs. Because of this, they decide to take action (which is the solution for lazy people) for the sake of getting more done. This is actually wrong since this might cause more energy drain.

Therefore, I think it’s important for us to know exactly what our category is. Knowing so we would be able to take the relevant solution (take action or take a break). Additionally, people who have done some work really need a break and it shouldn’t be presumed as a guilt. This mindset should also be owned by today’s society as it supports people to take the right action.