Bad Luck Turns Into Good Luck

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We, as humans, sometimes encounter events that lead us to aware that everything happens for certain rationales. Something that happens at the exact time might later change someone’s life completely.

The above briefly summarizes the core point of a video that I just watched recently. The author called the video as The Nova Effect - The Tragedy of Good Luck.

At some point in the video, a man called Erick had an accident while driving a car to pick up his girlfriend. He is then rushed to a hospital and a doctor directly performs a brain scan in order to know whether there’s a permanent brain damage or internal bleeding.

After the brain scan finished, the doctor informs Erick that he has bad news as well as good news. The doctor, in a confusing way, tells Erick that both news are technically the same sort of news. Precisely, the brain scan shows that Erick got a tumor in his brain. So, why can this kind of news be a good and bad news concurly?

Well, according to the further analysis, the tumor has nothing to do with the accident. The tumor was discovered just because Erick underwent the brain scan. More importantly, the tumor was found at the exact time so the doctor will be able to perform a series of precautions before the tumor turns into cancer.

A week later, Erick undergoes an operation to remove the tumor in his brain. The operation was successfully done. Erick then lives his life completely different knowing that there’s no cancer threatening his future.

Perhaps Erick thought that he was so unlucky to drive and had the accident at that time. However, in the same time, admit it or not, that accident saved his life. Such a sort of event which was considered as an unlucky circumstance apparently transforms into a lucky one. If Erick hadn’t experienced the accident, he would have never undergone the brain scan, and as the result he would have never known that he had a tumor in his brain. What a coincidence!